Are You On The Way To Spicing Up Your Bedroom Without Spending A Fortune?

Valance sheets are a great way to do just that! They come in different colors, styles, and materials to find the perfect one for your room. With Valance Sheets, you won't just be sleeping in a beautiful bedroom. You'll practically feel like royalty! These luxury pieces of décor look great with an array of other furniture styles and bring fullness and life to a room. At the same time, making each night's sleep feel extra special. Whether you prefer bold prints or subtle textures, our collection is guaranteed to have something that will elevate any bedroom. So come on over and discover why we love Valance Sheets. You're sure to find something perfect for your home décor!

What Is A Valance Bed Sheet?

Valance sheets are an essential part of a bedroom ensemble. Valance sheets are rectangular pieces of fabric attached to the mattress's sides, top, and bottom. They are usually tucked in around the edges, forming a neat package for display at the base of your bed. They come in different styles, textures, fabrics, and colors. Valance sheets play an essential role in completing a well-coordinated bedroom look. They are perfect for concealing your bed frames from view and keeping any unwanted dust out of your bedroom from settling. Valance sheets provide extra protection for mattresses and box springs and make a great finishing touch to your overall bed.

What Is A Valance Bed Sheet

Standard Size Of Valance Sheet:

Valance sheets come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate any bed or mattress. The standard size for a single Valance Sheet is (90cm x 190cm) making it suitable for single beds and most double valance sheet sizes (137cm x 190cm), depending on the depth of the mattress. Valance sheets also come in larger sizes, such as King Size (152cm x 200cm) and Super King Size (152cm x 200cm). For those who prefer a more tailored fit, Valance Sheets can be made-to-measure according to the size needed. Valance Sheets are the ideal addition to any bedroom and are perfect for creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Types Of Valance Sheet:

Valances are large, decorative pieces of fabric that hang over the edges of the bed, draping down onto the floor and often featuring intricate pleats and detailing. Valances come in a variety of materials and colors. The most popular types of Valance Sheets are Fitted Valance Sheets, Valance Dust Ruffles, Split Corner Valance, and Valance Bed Canopies. 

Fitted Valance Sheet:

The Fitted Valance sheet is trendy, simple, and elegant. This Valance sheet type wraps around the bed's base, with elastic around the edges. Unlike flat Valance sheets, not only does this aesthetically pleasing design prevent dust from settling in the gap between the mattress and the Valance sheet. It also keeps your bed looking neat and finished throughout the year. With its easy installation, soft fabric, and beautiful designs, a Fitted Valance sheet is sure to help keep your bedroom looking great!

Valance Dust Ruffles 

Valance dust ruffles add a decorative flare to any bedroom. They are perfect for creating an elegant and inviting look for the room of your choice. Valance dust ruffles drape nicely over straight or curved side panels, giving the illusion of height and additional dimension. They are usually composed of lightweight fabrics such as muslin or cotton. These Valances have a basic construction of gusseted creases along the sides and bottom. They are also easy to clean and care for and can last long with proper care. 

Valance Dust Ruffles

Split Corner Valance:

 Split corner valances have the bonus of providing a tailored look that can easily coordinate with various bedding sets. Valance sheets are usually larger than typical flat sheets, so they cover more of the mattress and help achieve a layered look for the room. Split corner valance sheets feature a split on each corner, so you can tuck it beneath your bed for a neater appearance. They also pull up quickly, so you don't have to try and strain when changing out your linens. 

Valance Bed Canopies:

Valance Bed Canopies are elegant and luxurious additions to any bedroom. Valance bed canopies are large fabric sheets that hang from the ceiling over the bed, creating an exquisite look of grandeur and sophistication. They feature intricate pleating and detailing in various luxurious fabrics, including lace, satin, velvet, and silk. 

Features Of Valance Sheet:

The Valance bed sheet has several features that make it an appealing choice for many people.

  • These features include its comfortable material, ability to fit most mattresses, and easy-to-care-for design.
  • The Valance bed sheet is a comfortable and stylish way to dress a bed.
  • The Valance bed sheet is made of 100% cotton and is machine-washable.
  • It has a fitted sheet with an elasticized band that helps keep it in place.
  • It features a ruffle design and has a thread count of 300.

Care Instructions:

Valance sheets, or bed skirts, are great for hiding any items stored beneath the bed. Taking proper care of your valance sheet will extend its life.

Care Instructions
  • Valance sheets should wash in cold water with mild detergent and a color-safe bleach if needed. 
  • When drying your valance sheet, tumble dry on low heat; if you don't have a tumble dryer, then line drying is best to avoid shrinkage. 
  • Valances can also be ironed on the cotton setting if wrinkles occur. 
  • Avoid using fabric softener and bleach directly on the sheet, as both have bleaching agents and could damage the fabric over time. 

Valance sheets require minimal upkeep, but they can last for many years with proper care.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Can You Put A Valance Sheet Quickly On A Bed?

When you put a valance sheet on a bed, first lay the valance sheet flat on the bed. Next, tuck in the top and bottom of the valance sheet. Finally, use clips or pins to secure the sides of the valance sheet to the bed frame.

How To Choose The Suitable Valance Sheet For Your Bed?

When choosing a valance sheet for your bed, consider your bed's size, shape, and style. Valance sheets come in various colors and patterns to match any décor. If you have a standard pillow-top mattress, choose a valance sheet one size larger than your mattress. Moreover, choose a valance sheet that is two sizes larger than your mattress for extra-thick mattresses. You must consider your bed size first and purchase a sheet that will fit properly. Be sure to read the care instructions carefully, as different materials require different care.

Can You Put Valance Over The Bed Frame?

Yes, you can put a valance over a bed frame. However, it is essential to use the correct type of valance and ensure it is adequately secured. It is also necessary to use authentic valances and not imitations. Imitations may look like the real thing, but they are often made of lower-quality materials and may need to be more durable. So if you are looking for a good quality valance that will last for many years, it is best to stick with our brand.

Does The Valance Sheet Go Under The Mattress?

The right way to do it is with the valance sheet under the mattress. It will help to keep the dust mites down and make your bed look neater. Some people mistakenly think you should put the valance sheet on top of the mattress to make it "look nicer." However, this does more harm than good, as it can trap heat and moisture (two things dust mites love). So please be sure to put your valance sheet under the mattress for a neater and healthier bed.


Suppose you're in the market for a new set of sheets and want something luxurious yet affordable. You can consider investing in a valance sheet. This bed sheet is becoming more popular thanks to its many benefits. Not only does it look great on any bed, but it can also help to provide you fresh effect during the summer and warmth during the winter. Valance sheets are easily manageable and come in various colors and styles to suit your taste. Ready to order? Visit our website today and choose from our selection of beautiful valance sheets.

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